A Beautiful Game Needs Reviving


You may ask what Shipton Bowls Club can offer in today‚Äôs climate of virtual reality and armchair participation?  Well we have a lovely club with good facilities and an excellent green, in beautiful surroundings, with friendly members.  We have members with the expertise to encourage and coach newcomers to the game of Flat Green Lawn Bowls.  There is the opportunity to play at any level you wish, be it socially, bowling in the varying ability leagues, or progressing to County and even National level.  The game is your oyster!

The future of the game of bowls and the existence of this type of facility within the village community is in your hands.  It is YOUR Club in YOUR community, the present committee and members are merely custodians of the present era.  The game is a game that all the family can play and at whatever level you choose to try.  It is on your doorstep and provides a gentle overall exercise in fresh air.  Give it a try and even if you do not take to the game itself assistance is always welcomed and helps to form part of a vibrant community.

Age is no barrier and you do not have to be super fit to play.  Who knows the game of bowls could be for you but you will not know until you give it a try.  New members are required at all levels to keep this facility going and any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions why not give our Club Treasurer, John Backhouse a ring on 07786087098.



The Annual General Meeting of the Shipton Bowling Club for the year 2016 will be held in the Clubhouse of Shipton Bowling Club

 on Saturday 5th November at 2:00pm to conduct the following business:-

                1. To accept any Apologies for Absence
                2. To approve the Minutes of the last AGM
                3. To receive any Matters arising from the Minutes
                4. To receive the Treasurer's Report
                5. To receive the Secretary's Report
                6. To receive the Greenkeeper's Report
                7. To elect a President and a Vice-President
                8. To elect Officers for the year 2017
                9. To elect an Auditor for the year 2017
                10. To elect a Club Captain and a Vice Captain for the year 2017
                11. To elect a Committee Member for the year 2017
                12. To agree the Subscription Rates for the year 2017
                13. To discuss PCL and Tockwith League nominations and amended rules.
                14. To consider Any Other Business
                15. To Present Club Competition Winners with their trophies 

 By Order of the Committee



                                                                                             PRESIDENT                                                                                                           Brian Gray

                                                                                            VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                                Bob Elliot

                                                                                            CHAIRMAN                                                                                                           Tony Abbot

                                                                                            VICE CHAIRMAN                                                                                               Simon Wilson

                                                                                           HON SECRETARY                                                                                               Vacant

                                                                                           HON TREASURER                                                                                               John Backhouse

                                                                                          HON AUDITOR                                                                                                     Tony Abbot

                                                                                         CLUB CAPTAIN                                                                                                      Judy Abel

                                                                                         CLUB VICE CAPTAIN                                                                                          Simon Wilson

                                                                                         COMMITTEE MEMBER                                                                                     Bet Thompson


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